Video Game Monetization: What is all the Fuss about and How to Do it?


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Much to the enthusiasm and zeal for creation, video game developers launch their brainchild into the market. Of course, the end of the game designing and development struggle is to make money out of the game. But, most of the time, they fail to earn a fair amount from the game. The enthusiastic zeal shatters on the ground at the video game monetization stage.

Developing a mobile or PC video game is easy for any mobile game development company, but making money is another thing.

If you are into the video game development business for a while, you must have heard of game monetization. It is buzzing around every kind of game development model. 

The global video game revenue predictions seem overwhelming. However, only 5% of video game titles attain profitability. (Fortunely)

Besides considering video game design and development, you also need to focus on specified video game monetization strategies going hand in hand with your marketing campaign. Many game studios now include video game marketing and monetization as an integral part of their game development services. Game monetization driven with careful hands is the only reason behind this mammoth market profit.

What is Video Game Monetization?

But what does monetization mean? What is all the fuss? Whether a PC-based or mobile game app, video game monetization refers to the multiple avenues to earn money from your game. Let’s dive into an easy example to get a clearer picture.

You watch videos on YouTube. Right? On YouTube, the number of views of a video fetches income for the uploader of that video. The profit depends on the popularity of a video on Youtube. It suits video game marketing also. You create a video game out of your talent, launch it to the world, and monetize it through advertisements. You will surely get valuable gamer engagement.

Video Game Monetization Strategies to Follow

There is no such thing as a success formula. Follow these video game monetization ways below to swell up your revenue.

Offline Shop

It is one of the most convenient ways to monetize your video game. You can reach the traditional offline store to reach your targeted audience and sell the game.

Online Store

The effortless browsing of video games and buying them with a single click brings about the enormous popularity of video game online stores. Online stores like Steam, Play Station Store, etc., are a massive hit among video game lovers all around the globe. But not all of the stores will accept your game. So, connect with the store that particularly embraces your video game genre.

Display Advertising and Pre-Rolls

Display advertising is a monetizing model, best applicable for free-to-play games. You can opt for different kinds of banners like a skyscraper, rectangles, etc. With a large base targeted audience, display advertising can be beneficial. Much similar to Display Advertising, Pre-Rolls also best fits free-to-play video games. The video ad pops out on the screen while the game is loading.

In-App Advertising

In-App advertising is a proven mobile video game monetization strategy. You can show your ad via banner, native ads, or video ads to your audience. You must ensure that your ads will reflect your target audience’s screen. The chances of monetization will get heightened then.

In-Game Purchase

The unique gaming objects you offer through video games can drive money to your pockets. When gamers feel willing to unlock that in-game feature or object, they will pay the price.


Subscription is a standard method of video game monetization. If you create and launch mind-blowing video games, your gamers will readily accept paying monthly fees to get access to playing those games. This kind of strategy suits both video game and mobile game monetization campaigns.


Selling add-ons is another way of income from your video game development. What happens in add-ons is that gamers jump on the expansion packs after buying the basic game to enjoy the game better. Those expansion packs will ensure earning from your game.

Wrapping up Despite all the artistry and creative rush while making a video game, one question always comes to the surface. What are the ways to make money out of video games? It is a question that runs from individual game developers to an established mobile game development company.

These tricks mentioned above are some of the fundamental and most popular video game monetization models aiding developers to earn a fair amount of money from their games. Above all, you must find the right game monetizing method that is applicable and suitable for your game and players. When players start supporting your monetization model, earning from your game will never seem a hard nut to crack.


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