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Nothing says “I’m on vacation” like a meal that lets you linger over a glass of rosé, imagining you’re looking out at the sea. This tuna niçoise salad recipe delivers big briny Mediterranean-inspired flavors, with lots of satisfying crunch. Bonus: It requires the bare minimum of prep time, so it won’t eat into your dozing-off-with-a-book-in-your-lap plan for the day.

Just a handful of quality ingredients makes this summer salad special. Canned tuna plays the leading role, so splurge on a really good tin—after all, you’re on vacation (or at least dreaming about it). For the briny elements, choose your own adventure. Tiny niçoise olives are traditional, but meaty green Castelvetranos or robust black olives like Kalamata work too. Capers make another great addition, and they’re even better when you crisp them up. Peperoncini bring both tang and a touch of heat. Look for fresh green beans or haricot verts at the farmers market as well as crisp seedless cucumbers, which are at their best in summer.

To keep everything as simple as possible, the cooked elements are all boiled in a single pot of water: Cook the eggs first, then blanch the green beans, and finally simmer baby gold or red potatoes until they’re fork-tender. Use the cooking time to assemble everything else. When ready, drizzle a lemon vinaigrette over the composed salad, slice some crusty bread, and pour that rosé. No garnish is necessary, but if you have some fresh basil on hand, don’t let it go to waste.

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