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Globally and even in Australia the construction industry is escalating. With a rapidly growing population and resources, the increasing need for residential and commercial developments, social spaces, and infrastructure has made construction one of the top demanding sectors today. Being one of the largest sectors in Australia, it’s sprouting with an abundance of career choices leading you on a path toward global exposure. 

Due to its extensive domain, the demand for well-trained and skilled construction workers continues to scale in Australia. If you’re looking for a budding career that offers assured employment – you are on the right track.

Construction is a challenging, exciting, competitive, and dynamic industry to work in that guarantees stability, career fulfillment, and a plethora of well-paying job roles to its aspirants. Whichever realm of construction you intend to specialise in, be it carpentry, civil construction, or building and construction, you’ll find this sector to be continually progressing. Moreover, along with formal training and the right qualifications at hand, you’ll be astounded by the tsunami of opportunities gushing your way.

Looking forward to building a sturdy future in the booming field of construction? Wondering how to gain stable employment in this large and robust industry? 

Get qualified from Riverdale Institute

Trade workers are indispensable to construction with apprenticeships and traineeships the main entry pathway.

Getting qualified in the construction sector is highly advantageous, especially with an in-demand course like CPC31020 Certificate III in Solid Plastering. Validating your knowledge with industry-recognised construction qualifications adds to your credibility with employers, clients, and colleagues. 

CPC31020 Certificate III in Solid Plastering from Riverdale Institute gets you qualified to work in the construction industry by completing the 20 units of competency. 

Quality training at Riverdale Institute, Melbourne, will enable you to learn how to finish floors, walls, and ceilings in gypsum and cement plasters; shape decorative mouldings; create textured finishes; style ornamental restorations; read and comprehend technical plans and stipulations; use measurements and computations, and work safely on a construction site. 

Our eminent faculty at Riverdale are industry veterans who will help you master the required industry-specific skills and knowledge to work as a professional Solid Plasterer or Renderer for the residential and commercial construction sector. Don’t miss this chance to be mentored by experts armed with strong industry connections. 

Riverdale Institute offers work placements for its students which is a combination of college training and onsite work experience. Here you get an opportunity to work under the direction of a professional plasterer. It helps you develop and apply the requisite skills and knowledge in real workplaces making you gain real experiences as a professional plasterer. This is a great opportunity to boost your learning, gain industry experience, be exposed to a broader professional network, and graduate sector-ready. Moreover, potential employers will always be pleased to see work experience listed on your resume.

Sounds interesting?

Career Outlook

Solid plastering is a branch of the construction industry that is set to prosper and will never go bust. 

The future growth of this dynamic industry is very optimistic and sturdy, meaning a lot of new jobs in the next few years. According to the Australian Government’s Job Outlook Service, the current employment size of solid plasterers is 5,100 majorly employed in the Construction industry (91.9%), Manufacturing (0.6%), and Education and Training (0.2%). The state of New South Wales employs around 29.1%* of plasterers in Australia followed by Victoria (29.4%), and Queensland (21.0%). 

Individuals who work as solid plasterers earn decent wages along with job security. The average annual salary for Solid Plasterer jobs in Australia ranges from $60,000* to $80,000. 

You can work on different ventures, from building construction to housing renovations and historic refurbishments, or be employed for small businesses or government divisions dealing with public works. Many solid plasterers after years of experience can even start their own businesses. Ready to be self-employed?

Riverdale’s CPC31020 Certificate III in Solid Plastering is steadily becoming a popular choice among tradies wanting to upgrade their skills and build a robust career. You can level up your construction expertise further by studying for advanced courses like CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction, CPC40320 Certificate IV in Building Project Support, and CPC50320 Diploma of Building and Construction (Management).

Final Words

If you are creative, hardworking, and work well in a team you can build a sturdy and stable future for yourself in one of Australia’s biggest and most diverse industries. With a career in construction, you’ll be part of a global industry with tons of exciting and rewarding jobs to choose from. So, what’s holding you back? Aim for that one step that takes you further. Enrol for CPC31020 Certificate III in Solid Plastering at Riverdale Institute today.

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