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The “DIRT” grill worn by ODB, one of the founders of the Wu-Tang Clan, is a strong source of inspiration for the new 18-carat diamond grill Gabby Elan has crafted for Rihanna. The new item from the renowned jeweler has a gold foundation and uses 18-carat diamonds to cover the whole bottom layer and spell out “DIRT” on the top layer.

Grills have become a notable fashion accessory among rappers, contributing to their authenticity and style. Diamonds or other gemstones are a tangible symbol of their financial success. The popularity of grills extends beyond the rap community, and they have become a mainstream fashion trend in recent years. The new unit arrived just after Rihanna and A$AP Rocky celebrated their son RZA’s first birthday.

Image Credit: Cindy Ord, Mg23, Getty Images, hypebeast, gabbyelan

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