Nintendo Reveals 4 New Pastel Joy-Con Switch Controllers


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Nintendo has revealed four new Switch Joy-Con releasing this month and they look great. 

More specifically, Nintendo is releasing the Pastel Pink Joy-Con, Pastel Yellow Joy-Con, Pastel Purple Joy-Con, and Pastel Green Joy-Con on June 30, which is the same day Nintendo’s newly announced sequel to 2017’s 1-2-Switch hits the console.  The Joy-Con will be sold in standard pairs. The Pastel Pink and Pastel Yellow Joy-Con are packaged together and the Pastel Purple and Pastle Green Joy-Con are packaged together. 

Each set of Joy-Con will include two black Joy-Con wrist straps as well. The Joy-Con are currently showing as sold out on Nintendo’s online store. If they were available, you could pre-purchase them now so that you receive them quickly when they start shipping on June 30. Nonetheless, the store makes it clear these Pastel Joy-Con will cost $79.99 for a set, which is in line with other previously released sets of Joy-Con. 

Are you picking up these new pastel Joy-Con? Let us know in the comments below!

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