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As someone who can’t start their day without caffeine, coffee in a morning smoothie packed full of vitamins and antioxidants just makes sense to me. We tested with Nescafé instant coffee for the sake of control (and because I like it), but feel free to use 1½ cups of your favorite chilled or cooled coffee in lieu of the instant coffee and water. Blending the dates before adding any frozen fruit ensures a smooth result with no chewy bits. The bananas and dates give body and natural sweetness while blueberries provide nice acidic balance, and the cocoa powder (use the good stuff; it really makes a difference) lends richness. 

This recipe is part of Zaynab’s Sehri menu for Ramadan. Find more of her pre-sunrise meal ideas (tandoori wings! tuna melt! PB&J oatmeal!) right this way →

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