Alan Wake 2 Is Coming In October


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Alan Wake 2 had an appearance today during the PlayStation Showcase event. And as you might’ve guessed, the trailer left a lot of questions. But it did answer an all-important one: when the game is coming out. 

Here’s what we gathered: Alan is trapped … somewhere. According to him, he has to write to escape. Ostensibly, that’s from the cult members chasing and attacking seemingly everyone within a 50-mile radius. Alan is writing about the police investigation into the death of Robert Nightingale, one of the antagonists of the first game. Here, the trailer splits into multiple perspectives: that of Alan and that of two investigators (one of which is voiced by James McCaffrey, of Max Payne fame, which Remedy also developed). Notably, we see that we’ll play at least two different characters in Alan Wake 2: Alan, of course, but then also one of the investigators, a young woman named Saga Anderson. 

The trailer closes with the game’s release date: October 17, 2023. 

Alan Wake 2 was originally announced back at The Game Awards 2021 via a cinematic trailer. This is the first time we’ve seen the game in action. 


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