41 Recipes With Yogurt That Are Much More Than Breakfast


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Yogurt has endless superpowers but the most marvelous of all might be its ability to shape-shift between savory and sweet preparations. Whether blitzed into a breakfast smoothie to add bulk or slathered on lamb as a tenderizing marinade, we’re hard-pressed to come up with any foods that don’t go well yogurt.

From classic dips and meze like tzatziki and spinach-mint dip to desserts like tart Key lime pie and frozen yogurt paletas, yogurt is right at home in these recipes, lending its versatile creaminess and tanginess.

Whether you’re using labneh, Greek yogurt, or whole-milk yogurt, here are our favorite yogurt recipes. These sauces, soups, salads, and cakes make a case for always keeping your fridge stocked up on yogurt.

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