Top 4 Materials for Custom Vape Packaging Boxes for Ultimate Protection


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According to the government, under 18 people can’t buy vapes, e-cigarettes, and other sorts of drugs. But, the urge to do everything makes them go for the wrong options. They buy those things with the wrong techniques and it doesn’t matter to the government, they just wanted to protect the youth anyhow. In that case, vapes are also something that teenagers are not allowed to use but if you search on the internet, most teenagers are using vapes. This is the age group that consumes the most vaping but still doesn’t have any regrets.

In this modern era, people have become more and more conscious of modern and fashionable products that give them a classy look. In that case, companies are producing vapes in such a great way that they must grab someone’s attention. If discussing vapes, what about their packaging? So, packaging matters the most when it comes to vapes and their safety. Companies do not produce vapes in the place where they are going to be sold. But they make sure that the vapes remain safe on the way to market, that’s why highly-manufactured packaging boxes are used.

In order to protect vapes, you need to develop the packaging boxes because they need customization to become a competition. Either the products are going to be hung or are going to be stored for some time. In both cases, the packaging is a must that can bring safety and compete with vapes from other brands. You know when someone comes to a product in the store, they see various options and it’s not confirmed if they will buy yours. But if you have done something classy and unique with your packaging, they will think of buying your product.

Here are 4 materials mentioned that provide complete protection to the vapes and also bring a charm to your packaging:

  • Cardboard boxes material
  • Corrugated material
  • Eco-friendly material boxes
  • Bux board material

Cardboard Boxes Material:

From the scratch, cardboard boxes have been the most suitable packaging box material for almost every product. But when it comes to the packaging of vapes, they become more sustainable and denser to provide their best. Cardboard boxes are easily available in the market, high-manufactured, and have good finishing material. As a vape company, you must try this packaging for once, to ensure that no other packaging can help you protect your vapes.

Cardboard boxes are used for food, plastic products, glass or acrylic products, non-food products, etc. In short, they are used for almost all products. They are highly popular in the packaging industry, wherever you go, you will find this packaging laying on the top. Also, they are customer-friendly, so let’s see what add-ons can they be able to carry:

  • Glass coating
  • Foiling stamps
  • Uv coating
  • Window die-cut patching

To make the vape cardboard boxes more attractive and smoother, the above-mentioned add-ons can be added to the packaging. Moreover, they are affordable enough that a company can buy a large amount of packaging at once.

Corrugated Material:

After cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes are the most trustworthy material. It is another material that can bring complete protection to the products with its promising features and unusual properties to make you stand in the market. As the cardboard box material has more than one layer, corrugated boxes also have more layers to provide extra protection to the vape products.

These sorts of materials are highly durable and used for heavy products. Corrugated boxes have also made their name for shipping or transportation means. Even custom-friendly packaging boxes are made with corrugated material. A few styles of transforming corrugated boxes into custom vape boxes are as follow:

  • Straight tuck end
  • One-piece carton

Eco-Friendly Material Vape Boxes:

Due to the high rate of affection for the environment, companies are taking responsibility and producing such products which are less harmful to the environment. But due to the increasing demand for vapes, they need to build more but they are trying to reduce the production rate. Moreover, they are producing Vape Packaging Boxes made with eco-friendly materials. Nowadays, people are truly concerned about their health and the environment. That’s why eco-friendly packaging boxes are taking place all over.

These boxes have another specialty which is biodegradable and recyclable quality in vape packaging boxes. To resist the ruin in the surroundings, companies go for eco-friendly boxes to build a safe environment for themself. Also, if a brand wishes to employ some other materials for vapes, eco-friendly coatings are useful which provide similar properties.

Box-Board Material:

Box-Board Material:

Box board material is the fourth position in top quality packaging material. These boxes are dense and tough which brings safety to the vapes because of their delicacy. You know, the higher risk for the damage of vape is at the time of shipping. In such cases, boxes come up and show their properties which makes the product secure inside while shipping.

Box board boxes are recyclable material. They are cost-efficient which makes the companies satisfied to spend less money on packaging. This material can be used for lightweight vape products to make sure that the product remains safe. You can say that for heavy products, it might not be suitable.

These boxes can be torn but also can be given any shape at the same moment. If someone is looking for affordable, catchy, and handy vape packaging material, these boxes are perfect for them.

Now, all the above-mentioned materials are the most commonly used materials for vape packaging. With The use of such materials, companies can save time and money, because both are essential for building a brand.

In this era, people see the packaging first and their decision depends on that. That’s why it is preferred to make a packaging which grabs the attention towards it. In that race, these materials are truly beneficial during their promising properties.

In the end, you can opt for any materials for vape product packaging. But keep in mind that you must go for customization that brings a personal loan touch to the brand.



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