Peach-Pecan Kale Salad With Hot-Honey Vinaigrette Recipe


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California Soul, Holland’s most recent cookbook, fuses food traditions of the American South and West. Here, Southern stalwarts like pecans and peaches meet a classic Californian kale salad. To turn it into a main dish, just throw on some grilled shrimp, chicken, or spicy sausage.

For Chef Holland, peaches always bring back memories of her father’s favorite dessert, peach cobbler, while pecans are a nod to her mother’s beloved pecan pie. And she’s not alone in thinking that this is the ultimate fruit and nut combination. (If you want to extend the shelf life of your nuts, store them in the refrigerator.) 

While most salads need to be prepared right before serving, kale is a unique exception. It actually gets better when it’s massaged with the dressing in advance. So feel free to make this salad up to 2 hours before serving, and enjoy the flavors of California and the South in one delightful dish.

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