Honda Deluxe CG 125 Specifications, prices, and Features in Pakistan


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Are u searching for information related to Honda Deluxe CG 125 in Pakistan? Then you are in the right place because, in this article, we are going to discuss the specification, features, and prices of the Honda Deluxe CG 125.

Atlas Honda Motorbikes:

The Honda Company starts making Motorbikes in 1955. After 1955, people in Pakistan and all over the world start using this bike and the brand becomes very popular. In 1960, Honda gains a large market share in the US. After that time period, this company starts growing and they do mass production of motorbikes.

In 1982, Honda was the only company that produce 550,000 Bikes in a year. It was founded in Pakistan in 1991 and became a very popular brand because of its quality and prices. It is focused on customer satisfaction and comfort and then make a bike that will satisfy the customer’s needs.

Honda Deluxe CG125:

Honda Deluxe CG 125 is designed to grab youngsters’ attention because this generation loves a sporty look. Therefore, Honda made the design this bike as a sport bike. If we talk about the front look then the front is designed like a normal Honda CG 125 which is the most commonly used bike in Pakistan.

The 2023 model of this bike is amazing and challenges the Honda CG 125. The fuel economy provides by this bike is also the same as Honda CG-125. This bike has a 4-stroke Air-cooled Engine. A 5-speed gear transmission will provide you with a comfortable drive and fast speed. Honda Company made bikes according to the demand of bikers in the industry.

There are hydraulic disk brakes in this bike that stop the horsepower and set the great road grip for rider safety. The bike has a black-wrapped silencer that is protected by silver multiplies and this will give more worth to Honda.

Honda promises to the customer that they will give strong mileage in every bike they made and they take this as their top priority. Honda places a tachometer with a fuel gauge in this bike and the purpose of this tachometer is that indicate the fuel tank capacity.

Let’s discussed the specification, designs, and features of the Honda Deluxe CG 125.

Specifications of Honda Deluxe CG 125:

  1. Engine: 4-Stroke and a single-cylinder Air Cooled
  2. Displacement: 124cc
  3. Dimensions: The Dimensions of this bike are 2032*758*1097 mm.
  4. Transmission: 5-speed transmission.
  5. Frame: The frame of the bike is Diamond steel type.
  6. Clutch: Wet Multi Type Clutch is available in this bike.
  7. Top Speed: Deluxe CG 125 will give you 100 KM/H speed.
  8. Fuel Tank Capacity: There is a space of 12L in the Fuel tank.
  9. Fuel Mileage Average: The mileage is really great which is 45 Km/H.
  10. Torque: 9 at 7500 RPM.
  11. Horsepower: The horsepower is 11 Hp at 8500 RPM.
  12. Ground Clearance: 136mm
  13. Starting: There is no self-start option on this bike. You can only use a kick to start the bike.
  14. Wheel Size: The wheel size is 18 inches.
  15. Tires at the front: 2.75 – 2.75
  16. Tires as Back: The back tires are from 3.00 to 18
  17. Weight: The Dry weight of this bike is 112 KG.
  18. Engine Oil: Always use best bike engine oil.

Honda Deluxe Bike Features:

  • The bike has a 4-stroke engine which makes this bike a powerhouse.
  • The bike has an attractive look of the fuel tank that contains modern graphics.
  • There is a black painted silencer with a stylish cover
  • Suitable for long drives.


This bike is available in two colors which are Red and Black.

Where we will purchase this bike?

You can easily purchase this bike from different showrooms in Pakistan. If you are interested to buy this bike then go to your near showroom and purchase this bike by fulfilling the procedure.

Honda Deluxe CG 125 Price in Pakistan:

You can purchase this bike at PKR 129,500 rupees.


So, this is all about Honda Deluxe CG 125. I hope this article will you help you to know the information about Honda Deluxe CG 125. There are many questions in your mind when u start reading this article and I hope you will get every answer of your question after reading this article.


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