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Salesforce and McLaren team up to power the future of F1 fan engagement

Salesforce has announced a new parnership with McLaren Racing that will see the CRM giant increase its presence in Formula 1 even further.The...

Iconic ‘Great Wave’ Print Sells for $2.8 Million at Christie’s

ArtsArt & AuctionsThe woodblock print inspired artists across the East and West, including Monet and Van Gogh Source link

Google Chrome could soon banish one of our biggest browser frustrations

Google’s Chrome browser might soon offer a really smart feature for those who make use of web extensions, namely the ability to turn...

GameStop Shares Surge After It Posts Surprise Profit

BusinessEarningsThe videogame retailer records its first quarterly profit in two years Source link

Bing Chat can now use Dall-E to make AI art for you

Barely a month after Microsoft unveiled its AI-upgraded Bing Chat feature it’s already rolled out a major upgrade to the tool: it can...

Generative AI Makes Headway in Healthcare

Providers are tapping ChatGPT technology to summarize patient visits and assist in research. Source link